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9 years after their last concert, WIG WAM kick started their tour in Gothenburg on Saturday in a packed venue called Valandhuset at this years Rocknytt Indoor.

This was the first time the original four members played live together since the break up in 2013. But according to the audience the band performed like they had never stopped.

Photo: Johan Salerno

WIG WAM was greeted like heroes by the cheering swedish Wig Wamaniacs, and presented a set list containing gems from the whole back catalog:

  1. The Second Crusade (Never Say Die 2021)

  2. Never Say Die (Never Say Die 2021)

  3. Hypnotized (Never Say Die 2021)

  4. Rock My Ride (Wig Wamania 2006)

  5. Non Stop Rock'n Roll (Non Stop Rock'n Roll 2010)

  6. Wall Street (Wall Street 2012)

  7. Kilimanjaro (Never Say Die 2021)

  8. Dare Devil Heat (Hard To Be A Rock'n Roller 2005)

  9. Do Ya Wanna Taste It (Non Stop Rock'n Roll 2010)

  10. Shadows Of Eternity (Never Say Die 2021)

  11. Gonna Get You Someday (Never Say Die 2021)

  12. Hard To Be A Rock'n Roller (Hard To Be A Rock'n Roller 2005)

  13. In My Dreams (Hard To Be A Rock'n Roller 2005)

WIG WAM is already planning a return to Gothenburg this year. Stay tuned

Photo: Runar Jansen

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1 Comment

Todd Eagle
Todd Eagle
Sep 13, 2022

This is way better than I expected it to be after a friend recommended the experience of Wig Wam. The songs are well written, with talented musicians who deliver catchy Rock songs with big hooks and sing along choruses. I realize I am late to the party by over 20 years but I still rank this band High in the echelon of 1980’s influenced, high energy Rock n Roll, with top notch songwriting and execution skills. I recommend you visit Wig Wam you won’t regret it. Seriously, Todd Eagle

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